Artist: Tal Gamilieli
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Album Review

"Tal Gamlieli's debut "Dania" is the kind of jazz that makes the heart sing. Upbeat yet grounded, whimsical yet sincere; it's thoughtful and joyful tone is a well-balanced head and heart experience. It'll take you on a journey and yet, return you, feeling fulfilled, refreshed and wanting more. Ah, yes, good jazz״.

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1. City Of Peace
2. Hidden Path
3. New Beginnning
4. Dania
5. The Wanderer
6. Hirhur
7. Negev
8. Blues For Yoni
9. Shahar Hadash
About New Album

This album is dedicated to two great men in my life: To the memory of my father, Herzl Gamlieli, a man of nature, a geologist, an adventurer and, most of all, a loving father and friend who is still with me every step although he is no longer with us.

To my unbelievable grandfather, Haim Giloh, who has been an outstanding role model and has supported me forever and ever and ever! I love you Saba.

This debut CD is long overdue.

Keith Jarrett once said, “Music comes from life, music doesn’t come from music”. The time between recording this album and releasing it, I focused on life. Together with my wife Dania, we achieved the most important and beautiful thing of bringing my three gorgeous boys, Noam, Yahel and Ohad into this world. They are the greatest source of love, energy and inspiration I could dream of.  I was also honored to serve as head of the music department at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel.

The story:

Music is recomposed every time it is played.

This recording is, first of all, the result of my great friendships with my brothers Jorge Perez Albela and Kevin Harris. Our musical connection started one afternoon in a session at Jorge’s home in Boston. We started playing a standard and as soon as we finished it I knew that, for me, these are the guys! They were swingin’ like crazy, being playful and sensitive to every note played. It was clear that we shared the same musical values so I thought to myself, if we are that playful and having so much fun at a private session with no audience, I cannot wait to share this magic with others. I then carefully approached Gill Aharon from the Lilypad Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA and shared with him my feelings and that I was interested in a steady gig. I thank Gill to this day for believing in me and accepting my idea since it is rare that a band gets an opportunity like this. I had such a belief in this trio that I knew we would probably start with four people in the audience but had no doubt that we could attract a bigger audience from gig to gig. Thankfully, this turned out to be true. We started from a handful of people in the audience but after several months, we packed the place. We also featured some outstanding soloists as the great trumpeter Avishai Cohen, saxophonist and vocalist Stan Stricklend, Saxophonist Marco Pignataro and Drummer Richie Barshay, among others.

This recording is a testimony to this trio’s organic proses.

I am grateful for so many magical moments I have shared with my beloved brothers, on and off stage, and look forward to many more!